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Playseat Sensation PRO - Red Bull Racing Esports Edition RSP00170

Playseat Sensation PRO - Red Bull Racing Esports Edition RSP00170

SKU: RSP00170
R39 499,00Price


Ready for an intense sim racing session? Get strapped in and let the Playseat® Sensation PRO help you handle any curve or hairpin NASCAR puts in your path. You can count on its strong frame and authentic racing seat to be the best silent partner for you as you get hyped up for a wildly competitive rally or GT race. It’s no small wonder this racing seat even endorsed by a number of WRC and FIA drivers.

If your pulse isn’t racing, you’re not sim racing. That’s the sensation you’ll feel most commonly with the Playseat® Sensation PRO. This is the sim racing cockpit WRC and FIA drivers use so it must be doing something right. If you add this chair to your daily and nightly rally racing routine, you’re get in the zone quicker and stay there longer. This will be due in part to the sturdy frame and your solid racing stance. This will help bring to life every rally or GT stage.

Drivers wanted. Requirement: Fanatical passion. The Playseat® Sensation PRO is uniquely qualified to sustain the huge amounts of braking force you put on your sim racer. The pedal plate can handle it. Give it a go, and pair it with all popular Direct Drive steering wheels. It’s compatible and ready for whatever you throw at it. 

Rally and GT sim racing’s your thing? You go first and then show whoever’s next how simple it is to adjust. Just change the pedal plate and steering wheel plate, so you can create a perfect seating position for any size racer. 


  • The most authentic rally and GT driving position
  • Used and endorsed by a number of WRC and FIA drivers
  • Used in the most popular esports competitions
  • It has a super-strong frame
  • The pedal plate can sustain high amounts of braking force
  • Superior build quality, stability and comfort
  • Pedal plate suited for maximum braking force
  • High-quality leather-look black vinyl
  • Completely adjustable to all players of all shapes and sizes
  • You can easily adjust the distance between pedals and wheel
  • Compatible with all steering wheels and pedals (Logitech, Thrustmaster, Fanatec, etc.)
  • Also compatible with all Direct Drive steering wheels (Fanatec, SimSteering, Heusinkveld, Simucube, etc.)
  • It works with all consoles (PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo, etc.), PC and Mac


  • Special Edition - Red Bull
  • Edition - Red Bull Racing eSports
  • Includes steering wheel and pedals - No
  • Foldable - No
  • Suitable for direct drive steering wheels - Yes
  • Color - Blue
  • Weight - 38 kg
  • Dimensions - 150x63x94 cm
  • Suitable for - Racing
  • Types of racing - Rally, Gt, All
  • Plug&Play - Yes
  • Recommended drivers length - min 120 max 220 cm
  • Recommended drivers weight - min 20 max 122 kg
  • Material - ActiFit™
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