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Playseat Puma Active Game Chair - Red

Playseat Puma Active Game Chair - Red

SKU: PPG00230
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Together with the expertise of PUMA, Playseat® brings an innovative game seat that adapts perfectly to your body. The Playseat® | PUMA game seat is the tool for any gamer.

This revolutionary game seat gives an active and correct seating position with full freedom of movement. This lets you get the maximum out of your gaming performance.

The unique design focuses on having absolute control during gaming and provides the ideal seating position for players of all levels, ages, and heights. The game seat follows your movements and gives complete freedom of movement whether you’re in attacking or defensive mode. Of course, you can also sit back in it and relax. You’re always sufficiently comfortable with this game seat, even after hours of gaming.

Key Features:

  • Complete freedom of movement.
  • Ultimate comfort thanks to the high-tech, breathable ActiFit™ material, also developed by PUMA.
  • Total control through MotionForce™ base with rubber feet.
  • Storage pockets for accessories such as phone, controller, and remote control.
  • Can be set up in just a few seconds.
  • Ideal for all consoles and mobile games.

The revolutionary Playseat® | PUMA Active Gaming Seat changes the future of gaming, comfort, freedom of movement, and total control in every game situation.

  • Depth: 780 MM
  • Keep an active, healthy posture when gaming and relaxing with the Playseat Puma Active Gaming Chair.
  • It gives you full freedom of movement when the game has you on the edge of your seat, as well as enough support when you want to lay back and chill.
  • The seat is built on a rocking base that allows seating variability and prevents slouching.
  • Playseat’s trademarked MotionForce technology and rubber feet give you absolute control over the position of the chair.
  • Despite its healthy posture-focused design, this gaming chair offers great comfort even during long gaming sessions.
  • It’s covered with breathable ActiFit material co-developed by Puma. It adds additional comfort to the soft padding, complete with a head cushion.
  • There are also handy pockets placed in the front and sides of the seat. These can hold your controllers and phone when you’re not using them.
  • Height: 830 MM
  • Width: 610 MM
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