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Kontrolfreek Aim Boost Kit XBOX

Kontrolfreek Aim Boost Kit XBOX

SKU: KFRP-2807-XBX 850029053569

The Aim Boost Kit improves accuracy, control, and grip with FPS Freek® Galaxy Performance Thumbsticks® and three Precision Rings™ – one of each resistance level. This unique combination of gear will allow you to max out your sensitivity to level up your game.


  • Optimize Aim

    Galaxy Performance Thumbsticks ® help you make smaller more precise movements while Precision Rings™, which come in 3 strengths, to create resistance and shock absorption while playing allowing you to increase you in-game sensitivity

  • Performance Thumbsticks

    Have been ergonomically designed to improve comfort reducing wrist, hand, and thumb fatigue

  • Percision Rings

    Made from a unique material that adds resistance to your stock thumbsticks so you can take more accurate shots, even at max in-game sensitivities

  • Increase Accuracy

    Mixed height Performance Thumbsticks® for faster target acquisition and increased precision on the right, as well as better control and maneuvering on the left

  • Improve Control

    Precision Rings™ compact to cushion your stick, adding resistance and preventing you from over-shooting your target. Rings allow you to increase your in-game sensitivity, so you can react more quickly during battle

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