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Warzone 2 & Modern Warfare 2 devs share major Season 2 changes: UI updates, customizable Perks

The devs’ Warzone 2 and Modern Warfare 2 deep dive blog has revealed the big changes that are set to arrive in Season 2, so let’s go over what to expect from the update.

The devs announced that Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2 Season 2 would be pushed back two weeks from February 1 to February 15 to work on the state of both games. Players have soured on Warzone 2 and Modern Warfare 2 throughout Season 1 due to a lack of polish and missing features.

Thankfully, the devs will look to alleviate most of these issues with the upcoming Season 2 update. The update is set to deliver quality-of-life improvements, major gameplay changes, and missing features.

On January 25, the devs unveiled a deep dive blog going over all of the changes, so let’s take a look at what’s to come in Season 2.

  • Gulag

  • Looting

  • New DMZ content

  • Movement

  • Loadout & Perks

  • Cash increase

  • UI updates

  • MW2 Perks & audio tuning

  • Hardcore mode & Ranked Play

Warzone 2 major looting changes

Warzone 2 players will be able to visually see loot sprawled across dead players, removing the need to rifle through backpacks. Following the Season 2 update, loot will pop out around the ground after a player is eliminated. The same sprawling loot effect will occur when a player opens a loot crate.

According to the devs “This change is intended to improve the pace of gameplay by minimizing time spent navigating the UI and getting Players back in the action faster.”

Players believed that the abundant number of self-revives available to players and the ability to store them in backpacks was hurting the game. Players won’t be able to stack self-revies as easily in Season 2.

It seems Warzone 2 will take a step back from the focus on backpack looting after the devs confirmed the removal of medium and large backpacks.

New DMZ content for Warzone 2 Season 2

Warzone 2’s DMZ mode is set to receive new content in Season 2.

Warzone 2’s DMZ mode is also set for an overhaul as new missions, a new Exclusion Zone, and difficulty tuning will arrive with the Season 2 update. New missions and a new area to discover will provide DMZ players with fresh content to explore. Spawn points and mission difficulty will also receive tuning.

It’s the adjustment to the mode’s difficulty that players will be pleased with, after countless complaints concerning the AI. Solo players and parties of two felt that DMZ was impossible to enjoy with the difficulty set to challenge a squad of three players.

“With Season 02, we’ve introduced a number of balance changes to adjust the types of AI spawning, the number of AI spawning, and the accuracy of AI at range and much more. All of this should provide a challenging but manageable play-space that still requires player respect of enemy combatants in the DMZ.”

Warzone 2 movement changes in Season 2

Movement changes are coming to Warzone 2 in Season 2. “Players will be able to bust through doors while plating the way they would if they were sprinting.”

The change will deliver a small boost to movement speed while plating, which will allow players to get to cover quickly.

3-Plate Vests

The devs also confirmed that all players will start with a 3-plate vest. “Varying sizes of Vests will no longer exist in Battle Royale loot.”

Loadout & Perk changes with Warzone 2 Season 2 update

In Season 2 of Warzone 2, players will be able to customize their very own Perk Package. The devs will add a feature that will allow players to select the combination of four Perks that best suits their style of play.

Since launch, Warzone 2 players were stuck choosing between preset Perk Packages that limited their options.

In addition, “A second Loadout Drop Public Event has been added, which means the drops will now happen on the first and fifth Circles each match.”

Warzone 2 cash increase & Buy Station price reduction

Buy Station prices will undergo changes in Warzone 2 Season 2.

Players will have more cash at the start of Warzone 2 Season 2. An increase in lootable cash around Al Mazrah will arrive alongside a decrease in Buy Station prices.

This change to cash is meant to stabilize Warzone 2’s economy, giving players more bang for their buck.

Players will notice new prices at Buy Stations: “The price of Loadout Drop Markers has been slightly reduced so that respective Squad sizes can acquire their full Loadouts at a faster pace.” The devs also stated that “Primary Weapons will continue to be available at Buy Stations but now at a more affordable price point.”

Warzone 2 & Modern Warfare 2 UI updates

Players will be pleased to discover that UI updates are arriving in Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2. Season 2 will “improve the overall flow of in-game menus.”

Here’s a list of UI changes heading to both games in Season 2:

  • Improved navigation and organization of Camo menu

  • More polished Social tab, including improved channel swapping and player muting

  • New “My Bundles” screen

  • Quick equip items from Battlepass, My Bundles, and Store

  • Reticle previews in Store and Gunsmith

  • Improved clarity of attachment blocking logic in Gunsmith

The devs also revealed that a Play Again feature is finally arriving as well.

Modern Warfare 2 Perk adjustments & audio tuning

The devs explained that one type of their audio system failed to activate in multiplayer after launch. Following tests, they’ve figured out a way to get their occlusion system up and running and it will arrive in Season 2.

Modern Warfare 2 players will earn their Bonus and Ultimate Perks much faster in matches following the Season 2 update. The update will reduce the Bonus Perk cost by 50% and the Ultimate Perk cost by 25%.

“This adjustment will allow Players to get Ghost earlier in matches, which will better support Players looking to engage more aggressively.”

Hardcore mode & Ranked Play coming to Modern Warfare 2

The fan-favorite Hardcore mode is making its debut in Modern Warfare 2 Season 2. Hardcore is a staple of the Call of Duty franchise that ups the realism with limited HUD and less health.

While Modern Warfare 2 players received the Tier 1 playlist that shares similar features with the classic Hardcore mode, they’ll be pleased to know that the original will arrive in Season 2.

As previously mentioned, Ranked Play is also heading to Modern Warfare 2 in Season 2.

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